Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Starting Small

Yes, about two weeks have already passed since I last posted. No, I didn't take a "no internet" oath, or wind up in the hospital. Life is just plain busy and the last two weeks went by in a blink. Bobo's birthday party was this past Saturday and we have been keeping good on another resolution of sorts: to make time for our friends. We have been lucky enough to go on double dates with two couples who happen to be some of our dearest friends in the last two weeks.

So, in keeping with the re-realization that life is just plain busy, I am starting small with my "I want more" mission from the last post. We are on a buy less, consume less, mission to chew (literally) through our pantry and freezers (yeah, I said it: freezerS. When this is said and done it will be freezer). Any projects I embark on will be using things already gathering dust in my craft closet. It's not a no-spend month because frankly those never work out for us. Bobo always ends up growing out of shoes, or we forget his nap sheet and have to weigh driving 30 minutes home to get it or just buying another one to add to the rotation, etc. We will however consume less, and only buy what we will actually use.

This will be especially challenging for me because I come from a family in which the pantry was not just stocked, but stockpiled. For me, part of this kind of shopping is the thrill of the deal. Why am I buying another 10 boxes of pasta when I have 5 at home? Because its $0.25, for crying out loud! Yeah, seems kind of silly. I am all for long term food storage, but that can be done with more purpose than I have been doing. Freeze dried foods keep longer, require less rotation, and more balanced nutrition for the buck.

Additionally, we will start clearing out the crap that is cluttering our lives and our minds. In the spring, when we can count on not having to wear coats all day, we will have a yard sale, save the cash towards one of our umpteen financial goals, and donate the rest. Then maybe we will not be constantly tripping over (literally and figuratively) the overwhelming amount of stuff in our lives.

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